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"Diligently working to help people discover alternative possiblities that empower them to move through a wide variety of life's challenges."

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Hypnosis involves the separation of intra personal boundaries which defines ordinary consciousness.


Instead of your conscious awareness claiming credit for thinking and feeling, hypnosis clears an opening for an experience in the mindfulness of your body and the embodiment of your mind.


Hypnosis can be viewed as a creation and maintenance of a special relationship with oneself or others -- becoming more or less irrelevant (Flemons, 2015). It allows for exploring and experiencing ideas, images, and possibilities.


Hypnosis used as therapy (hypnotherapy) happens when the experience of the changing relationship to the self happens in sync with the changing experience of the client’s problem.


Most problems clients bring to my office have to do with the dissociative way they are relating to their problem by controlling it or trying to make it go away. This inadvertently is what actually maintains the problem.


Dr. Christiansen has had advanced training in hypnosis and is recommended as a useful tool in some cases. If hypnotherapy is of interest, please call 561-688-8787 today for more information.


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