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"Diligently working to help people discover alternative possiblities that empower them to move through a wide variety of life's challenges."

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Are you or your spouse having difficulty adjusting to the role of co-parenting?


Co-parenting amicably with your ex-spouse/partner can give your children stability and close relationships with both parents–but it's rarely easy. Putting aside relationship issues to co-parent agreeably can be oppressed with stress.


Despite the many challenges, it is possible to develop a cordial working relationship with your current or ex-spouse for the sake of your children.


Dr. Christiansen can help you develop a plan that works. With her assistance, you can remain calm, stay consistent, and avoid or resolve conflict and make parenting and/or joint custody work. It will be rewarding to you and especially your children.




Co-Parenting/Separation & Divorce

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