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"Diligently working to help people discover alternative possiblities that empower them to move through a wide variety of life's challenges."

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Dr. Susan Christiansen, Ph.D., LMFT

Susan J Christiansen Ph.D., LMFT

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Susan is an incredibly compassionate person that also happens to be a fantastic therapist.  Perhaps that's the "secret sauce."  Talking to Susan is always non-threatening and you're sure to feel safe talking about those not-so-pleasant things that brings you to a therapist's office in the first place.  Susan listens to you as a real person and the dialogue is never sterile or cold.  Her therapy style is traditional, yet genuinely warm and caring.  I can personally say that my life has dramatically changed since I started working with her. Thanks to Dr. Christiansen, my goals and dreams are now becoming realities, I am so much happier!!  I can't say enough good things about Dr. Christiansen.  



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What Patients Say

Susan J. Christiansen, Ph.D. is a person of good character and whose personal convictions are strong.


Dr. Christiansen is an effective and trusted professional in her field. She found great joy in helping me cope with current life challenges and adversities.


I am fortunate to have shared conversation which was built on a wonderful trusting relationship with Susan.



To say that acquiring Dr. Susan J Christiansen as my family therapist was some sort of divine intervention would be an understatement. Her discernment in her respective field can be described as impeccable. Using her several acquired proven methods, Dr. Christiansen has helped my wife and I to dig deep and find the true root problem of our somewhat chaotic marriage. With finding this problem we are now able to move forward with our life long journey in a happy and healthy manner. She has saved us as individuals and as a couple.


Throughout my life I have been to several Doctor’s, walked out of many offices within five minutes or less, gave a lot of them a chance only to be disappointed. Eventually I settled for one thinking that this was the best it would get, so I might as well stick it out. Moving to West Palm Beach Florida, I had lost contact with my previous Doctor, who was “Okay” in her methods. I had been seeing this Doctor for a few years but something was indeed missing. This “something missing” was life experience. The Doctor was indeed versed and qualified in the field, Unfortunately this person lacked the ability to empathize with me other than with what knowledge was acquired from previous patients and what could be repeated verbatim from a text book.


In my experience thus far, I truly believe in order to be a good therapist, One must not only be able to "Talk the talk" but also "Walk the walk". You won't take flying lessons from someone whose only read books on aviation, you want “The real McCoy.” A war veteran pilot with thousands of hours, whose been in dog fights and many times had to do near impossible maneuvers to survive and make it back home in one piece. You also don't want someone whose only Read medical texts and scientific journals performing open heart surgery on you, you want someone who has had years of hands on experience in the operating room. So when it comes to therapy I feel confident knowing that I am with someone who has loved and lost, who has made mistakes and learned from them, someone who has experienced true pain, someone who has fallen many a time and got back up stronger.

During my undergrad years I was considering to double major in psychology and I had taken many psychology courses, but unfortunately I could not balance pre-med and psychology and excel in both. In these classes I have had the experience of meeting several future Doctors who were majoring in psychology simply because it fascinated them. However these people had never experienced real life turmoil, real family problems, pain or loss. Their biggest problems in life was not having enough cell service or forgetting to record the newest episode of “American Idol.”  Which is fine and fortunate for them, but when it comes to truly helping someone whose been through the Wringer, having experienced it one’s self and being able to truly empathize with the patient contributes a lot in their healing process.


I definitely recommend Dr. Susan Christiansen for anyone who is truly seeking help in dealing with their trials and tribulations in life. If you want someone who truly cares and can relate to you, Dr. Christiansen can and will be that person for you. Compared to all the doctors I've seen throughout my chaotic life thus far, I have never felt as trusting, comfortable, understood and motivated as i am right now with Dr. Christiansen. She is without a doubt in my books, “The real McCoy.”



I have seen Susan Christiansen on and off for the past few years.  Of course, the more regularly we meet, the better things go.  What particularly impresses me about Susan is she is a knowledgeable therapist who is deeply concerned for her clients and at the same time is strongly dedicated to her own self-growth and development.  She frequently attends workshops and conferences to enhance her knowledge and expertise.  Whenever I see her, she makes me feel at home and at ease, which is what I really value in a good therapist and which is why I keep meeting with her.  I can say without hesitation that Susan is someone I would wholeheartedly recommend to others.  She’s a good person and she really cares.



I have never gone to counseling before, therefore I was quite nervous when I walked into Dr Christiansen's office for the first time! After only a few minutes, though, I felt so much more comfortable and hopeful once we started talking. I now genuinely look forward to our sessions together, it is a comforting place and I feel like I will come out of each session with something new that I have learned in order to help me. dr Christiansen is very thorough with each session and her responses to my questions. In only a few sessions she has really helped me to be a more positive person each and every day.



I was in search for a new family therapist.  I had certain expectations that I was looking for.  With that in mind I hit the internet.  I read through several websites and the views of the therapists and nothing was what I was looking for until I came upon Dr. Christiansen's.  When I read her overview it was everything I was looking for.  In the short period of time that I have been seeing her I have accomplished more than I ever imagined.  She has helped me and guided me through these tough times.  I cannot thank her enough for this.



My experience with Dr. Christiansen has been life altering! I am 30 years old and had never even thought of going to a therapist until last year. I didn't really think I needed to. I am a very ambitious person but felt that I was 'stuck' in life. I figured I would go out on a limb and try something different. I have always associated therapy with sitting in a chair under a spotlight while you sat back and talked about your feelings and somebody scrutinized you. I realized once I met Dr. C that my sessions with her would be much more than just talking about feelings. She has helped me take a step back and look at the things that have been holding me back in life. I have learned techniques that that I use everyday. Frequently in therapy you may feel vulnerable, as you are addressing issues that are difficult. Dr. Christiansen has a warm, caring and gentle approach that puts you at ease yet is extremely effective. I highly recommend her!


Alyssa B.

Dr. Christiansen is an outstanding therapist. She is knowledgeable, caring and compassionate.


When i met Dr. Christiansen i was very depressed, grieving, on medication that was not working and mistrustful of mental health professionals. Dr. Christiansen worked with me on all those issues. As a result my depression has lessened and I am now back working after 14 months.



I am writing to tell you about Dr. Susan Christiansen. I started with her several months ago. The first day I met her I knew immediatetely she was compassionate about her work. I came to her because of a relationship that I am in. She has since made me realize that I needed therapy beyond the relationship. Susan is so dedicated to her job and puts her whole heart into making sure the person in therapy is getting what they need. She goes beyond what most therapist would do. I am very lucky to have crossed paths with her. It's almost like it was meant to be. I know that I will someday looked back on my therapy sessions with her and say she has helped me become who I wanted to be.  Thank You Susan for never giving up on me.



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